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Virtual Suzuki Music Festival Preparatory Program 2020

The Preparatory student program is intended for students at the beginning of their music studies. Students at this level might still be using a box instrument or learning skills that will set them up for the beginning pieces. Since the Suzuki Method for children at this level involves parents as home practice partners, parents must attend classes with students at this level.


-Students should come prepared with all Suzuki pieces memorized and mastered up to their current level.
-Well-polished solo piece for use in their individual master class.

The Suzuki Method thrives on the common shared repertoire that all children have studied.  It is our goal for students to be able to play and learn together with students from different areas of the world.  Parents, please be vigilant about helping your child practice their review pieces to a high performing level.  Students well-prepared will feel more confident and have a much more enjoyable experience at the Institute.