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Austin Suzuki Institute Teacher TrainingThe teacher institute offers instruction and expert guidance for the novice as well as the experienced Suzuki teacher. Teacher training courses are taught by teacher trainers certified by the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

Teacher institute dates are as follows (9am to 5pm):

Teacher Training

ECC (Fri July 19) Mark Mutter
Violin Book 1 (Sat July 20 – Sat July 27) Dr. Sue Baer

Bass Book 1 (Sat July 20 – Sat July 27) Dr. Kate Jones

Enrichment: Bow Development (Fri July 19-Mon July 22) Cathy Lee
Violin Book 2 (Mon July 22nd – Fri July 26) Cathy Lee

Study of the Flesch Scale System for the Suzuki Student
Enrichment: Flesch (Sat July 20-Mon July 22) Charles Krigbaum
Violin Book 5 (Tues July 23rd – Sat July 27) Charles Krigbaum

Violin Practicum (Sat July 20 – Wed Jul 24th) Mark Mutter
Supplemental: Group Class Techniques (Tues July 23rd -Sun July 28) Mark Mutter

Cello Book 8 (Sat July 20 – Wed Jul 24) Rick Mooney
Cello Book 9-10 (Tues July 23rd – Sun July 28) Rick Mooney

Teacher Training Schedules

Teachers interested in taking two courses, may take a course from the 1st session and a course from the 2nd session in most cases. If the courses are with different trainers, please email us at gasa.institute@gmail.com and we can confirm whether the schedules will work.

Every Child Can  (July 19th) Mark Mutter
Violin Book 1 (Sat July 20 – Sat July 27) Sue Baer
Bass Book 1 (Sat July 20 – Sat July 27) Kate Jones

1st Session

Violin Practicum Mark Mutter
Cello Book 8 Rick Mooney
Preparing for Flesch Charles Krigbaum
Bow Development Cathy Lee

2nd Session

Violin Book 5 Charles Krigbaum
Violin Group Class Techniques Mark Mutter
Cello Book 9-10 Rick Mooney
*Violin Book 2 Cathy Lee

Successfully completed short-term teacher training core courses may  be registered with the Suzuki Association of the Americas.  The SAA requires that the books be taken in sequence through Book 2. Daily sessions include lectures and videotapes, repertoire study, technical study, and observation of the Suzuki Student Institute.  The schedule is intensive and requires all participants to have 100 % attendance to register the course with the SAA.

All participants are expected to prepare the music in the books to be studied to the point of fluent performance — preferably from memory. All participants will be performing in class and are expected to provide their own instruments.  Teacher trainees might have pre-course assignments and/or reading which is up to the discretion of the Teacher Trainer.

Training Prerequisites and Course Order

To take Suzuki teacher training, teachers must be Active members of the SAA. Every Child Can! (ECC) is required prior to taking Book 1. Courses must be taken in order through Book 2: ECC, Book 1, Book 2.

Audition Requirement

To qualify as a participant in SAA Teacher Workshop unit courses, applicants must submit a DVD video audition to the SAA, preferably well in advance of taking the course. DVDs should be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to the course start date, with the required fee and a completed application form. If submitted later than 8 weeks before the course start date, audition results determining participant eligibility may not be available prior to the course and late audition fees will be required with the application.

If auditions are not accepted, course work will not be eligible for SAA registration—even if course work was completed. For further information, please see the SAA website at www.suzukiassociation.org and find the teacher video audition application form and instructions, or call the SAA toll free at 1-888-378-9854 for this form. Please download the Audition Guide for instructions on submitting your training video audition: http://suzukiassociation.org/download/Audition_Guide.pdf

Required Course Preparation

All teacher training participants are asked to prepare the repertoire to be studied to the point of fluent performance. Memorization is not required but is recommended. Additionally, participants should be conversant with the ideas presented in Dr. Suzuki’s book Nurtured by Love.

All participants will be performing Suzuki repertoire and other materials in class. Strings and woodwinds are expected to provide their own instruments. It is recommended that participants bring an audio recorder and a notebook to all sessions. 100% attendance is required for registering the course.

Teacher Training will be held from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm each day.